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Kids Club

Welcome to Wonder Zone Kids Club!

Wonder Zone kids Club is a very special place for children to explore, play and socialise with others. 

We view children as naturally curious and capable learners. Therefore, we provide children with opportunities to actively participate in their learning through inclusive, play based activities.

Our learning environments foster enjoyment and motivation by play experiences that cater for individual interests, skills and abilities.

Wonder Zone kids Club is an advocate for the children to ensure they receive what they need for their development.

Additional special programs are made to support children with special needs. Individual development programs are formulated and additional resources put in place to support these children.

A variety of fine motor activities such as threading, cutting, drawing, coloring, playdough and painting are always provided. Activities are presented for all children to participate and modified for children with additional needs. 

Our learning environment is a balance of child initiated learning and intentional teaching, through a play based program. Children are given choices, able to explore, imagine, create, problem solve and develop social skills. Children are given time and space they need to discover and practise skills.

We ensure each child’s interests and choices are included, to develop active participation in social development. We give children choices to find their own learning journey, through their prior knowledge and interests. 

Our activities program is designed to help people to be happy and find their social footing and feel included.

 We also provide spaces for quiet and more active play to reflect children’s different learning dispositions.

 We believe children learn best when they feel safe to participate in play experiences that are meaningful and reflect real life contexts.

Maintaining cleanliness, safety and control of the spread of infectious diseases are an embedded practice at our center.

Ensuring children’s safety and wellbeing is paramount at Wonder Zone Kids Club. We provide children with a high quality, safe, and welcoming environment, where a sense of belonging is embedded. Our workers understand that any hazards or potential hazards need to be identified and removed immediately. Prevention, awareness and professional discussions are key to ensuring safety and wellbeing at all times. 

 We acknowledge that children come to our center with a diverse range of needs, experiences, ideas and beliefs and from a range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds. We celebrate and acknowledge specific cultural occasions and special days in our programs, through information sharing, displays and relevant learning experiences. 

Positive Connection Building

At wonder zone kids club, We build positive relationships with all children and families through:

− Greeting children by name, being approachable and available for positive conversations with parents/caregivers. 

− Using greetings in various languages that reflect our cultural diversity.

− Acknowledge and support individual children’s social, emotional and cognitive needs. 

− Supporting the children in community participation.

Medical Needs

If children are unwell during a session, we ensure they are rested, monitored consistently and a parent/caregiver or emergency contact is notified to discuss further action or to collect the child if required.

In enrolment process, children’s health, medical, dietary and cultural needs are discussed and appropriate management strategies are put in place. 

Staff at Wonder zone kids club are qualified, they have diplomas of Early Childhood Education degrees (or equivalent), and have many years experience working with children with all abilities to support them to reach their full potential.

Choice of Activities, locations and days

Our Activities are offered at various locations across Melbourne with some activities offered twice a week for those who are super keen or need flexible options.

Achievement in our day programs, after-school and school holiday programs is not only about increasing skills and capacity but also about working within a group and extending your strengths and abilities.

Our weekly activities ensure that you are able to feel comfortable and engage in beneficial social interactions while doing a range of dynamic activities. Our staff work with you and encourage your children to participate in recreational activities or Group activities on a weekly basis. 

Our Services for Children with a Disability & their families

Your child has a right to be included 

The law says all people in Australia have a right to be included. Included means your child with disability has the same chance as everybody else to: 

● Learn

 ● Play with others

 ● Make friends 

● Take part in community life 

● Feel like they belong

When your child joins our activities sessions, we aim to:

 ● Show that your child is important like everyone else

 ● Stop others from making your child feel bad 

● Help your child learn a new skill. 

We aim to make changes and reasonable adjustments to help children where possible to feel belonged and included in the community.


Wonder Zone PTY LTD respectfully acknowledges and celebrates the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout Victoria and pays its respects to their Elders, children and young people of past, current and future generations. 
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