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Painting – Child

Engaging in painting activities can aid in developing various skills in your child, which can be beneficial in their academic preparation. Additionally, exhibiting your child’s artwork can instill a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and pride in their abilities.

Did you know?

While children love to paint, they are also making brush strokes they will use when learning to write.

Prompt your child to share details about their artwork by asking, “Can you tell me about your painting?” Encourage them to describe the subject matter, including any people or objects featured in the picture, their location, and actions. To foster their storytelling abilities, provide feedback or pose follow-up questions to elicit further discussion.

Activities with your child

Painting is an ideal way for your child to explore their creativity. Talking about feelings during painting helps children recognise and express their emotions creatively.

Mixing colours and using different brushes and materials helps develop reasoning skills and early science concepts.

Painting on a vertical surface helps to develop your child’s balance, core strength, and wrist movements for writing. No easel? No problem! Try taping paper to a large window or paint directly on the glass using washable paint.

Other Ideas

For different and exciting painting ideas, try some of the following:

  • Dot painting
  • Magic painting with wax crayons
  • Color mixing painting
  • Paint on one half of the paper, fold it over, and then open again to see what patterns have been created

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