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Sensory Play – Child

Encouraging children to use their senses while playing can enhance their ability to concentrate, comprehend, and recall information. The sensory systems of children are closely connected to their learning and memory processes. Consider the memories evoked by the scents of freshly cut grass, hot asphalt, or sunscreen.

Did you know?

When multiple senses are stimulated simultaneously, learning is enhanced. Consequently, your child will gain more knowledge from real-world activities that involve seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting, as opposed to television, tablet devices, or electronic games.

Incorporate some sophisticated vocabulary into your child’s lexicon, such as “delicious,” “tangy,” “bitter,” or “savory,” as you sample various foods and experience their aromas. Additionally, pose occasional queries that encourage your child to anticipate how something might feel, sound, smell, or taste.

Other development

Comparing, contrasting and grouping things by sensory attributes i.e. smell, taste, colour, texture, sound etc. builds science and maths skills. Compare things that are loud and quiet, soft and hard, smooth and rough, sweet and savoury, etc.

Activities with your child

Cooking together provides an excellent opportunity for sensory exploration. Children will relish the opportunity to experience diverse textures, such as dough or cake mix, and inhale the aromas of various ingredients, such as vanilla, lemon, or garlic, as well as the sweet scent of a baking cake that fills the kitchen. Additionally, there are opportunities to engage in taste experimentation and categorization by grouping foods together using concepts such as “the same” or “opposite,” such as crunchy and soft.

Furthermore, you can play a “guess that smell” game using items from the garden or kitchen, and incorporate listening games and physical activities to provide a complete sensory experience for your child.

Encourage your child to try new things and avoid pressuring them into doing activities they do not enjoy, but demonstrate that sensory exploration can be enjoyable. It’s normal to have different sensory preferences, but if you believe that your child’s likes or dislikes are impeding their participation in activities or daily routine, it may be beneficial to speak with your child health nurse or doctor.


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